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Preparation Program Institute Schedules

Enroll now and you can quickly be in your own classroom!

Preparation Program Institutes
are offered throughout the year!
To provide a safe environment for our candidates, Institutes are conducted via Zoom Conferencing.
Evening Sessions are typically 2 times/wk + a few Saturday daytime sessions over several weeks (Mon, Tues, Saturday) from 5:30 – 8:30

    SPRING 2021 Preparation Program Institutes:
    Session 2: May 3 - June 8
    Session 3: May 15 - June 10
    Evening & Saturday sessions!

    SUMMER 2021 Preparation Program Institutes:
    Session 1 June 9 - July 14, 2021
    Session 2 July 17 - August 14, 2021
    Session 3 August 18 - September 15, 2021

    Schedules in Austin are customized.  You can start at any time.
    Call us at 214-267-2222 to plan your Institute schedule in Austin!

    We may be able to customize for you too!
    Due to the corona virus threat, we have options for you!
    Contact Misty Clark at
    for information & enrollment.

    Contact Us!l!  214-267-2222  Better yet -- please email us.

    Misty Clark – appointments, test prep schedule, VA, fees, & payments

    Sara Green – certification officer

    Dr. Bobette Dunn – Program Director

    Remember . . .
    The most important ingredient for student success
    is the TEACHER!

    ACT Dallas
    7800 No. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 613
    Dallas, TX 75247

Certification Areas

No matter what your major or the type of Bachelor’s Degree that you hold . . . ACT Dallas/Austin offers content and grade level certification for you to enter the classroom quickly – without any additional university coursework.

Certifications 2020

Certification Exam Retake Limit
Candidates are limited to 5 attempts to take a certification test. Any and all attempts prior to 9/1/2015 count as the first attempt.
Are you a JROTC Instructor seeking teacher certification?
JROTC is now available to JROTC Instructors who have a Bachelor's Degree.
TExES Tests Info and Registration are available at:

Submit your completed application and university transcript(s) (2.5 GPA) with appropriate coursework for the grade level and subject area you wish to teach.
Then you are all set to begin immediately!

DID YOU KNOW . . . we offer test prep resources for the PPR TExES #160? RSVP now for PPR Test Preps on the following Saturdays:
May 8, 2021

DID YOU KNOW . . . we offer test preps for the ESL TExES #154 test?
Many school districts now require elementary and even middle school teachers to pass the ESL test.  Contact us for information.

DID YOU KNOW . . . we are now offering test preps for the STR test?
As of January 1, 2021, this test is required for the following certifications:
EC-6 & 4-8 Core Subjects, as well as 4-8 ELAR & 4-8 ELAR/SS
The STR test must be passed prior to hiring in these content areas.
STR = Science of Teaching Reading. TExES #293 test.
STR virtual test preps consist of 2 parts.

To RSVP & obtain test prep info, contact Misty Clark
The PPR, ESL, & STR test preps are offered monthly and are free to ACT candidates/interns.
$25 fee for those not in the ACT program.

Teacher Job Fairs & School Districts

2021 DFW & Austin Area Teacher Job Fairs

May 12
International Leadership of Texas

June 2 2 pm - 4 pm
Plano ISD

June 11 12 noon
Irving ISD Special Education

Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Districts      Download List

Austin area Schools & School Districts
Austin area School Districts

Austin area Charter Schools

Austin area Private Schools

Honors & Awards


Texas Education Agency

TExES Test Information & Registration

Need test prep resources?
Certify Teacher
240 Tutoring
Call Misty at 214-267-2222 for discounted price!

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
This test is required for applicants who obtained their Bachelor's Degree from a foreign country.

VA Benefits