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How to Become a Teacher through ACT

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Bachelor’s Degree - 2.5 GPA

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Pass the TExES content test by PACT (Pre-Admission)

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Preparation Program Institute

10 days of instruction to learn how to teach.

30 Hrs. of Field-based Experience

Watch teachers in action in their classrooms & on videos.



Hired as a full-salaried teacher of record, you will begin your first year of teaching.

Clinical Teaching

Earn your certificate in 14 weeks as a non-paid “Student Teacher”.

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Begin as a full-salaried teacher with support during the 2-semester internship.

$3,650 - $3,850 Internship Fee by monthly payroll-deductions or credit card.

Clinical Teaching!

We place you as a non-paid “student teacher” to become certified in 14 weeks.

$3,000 Clinical Teaching Fee on an individualized payment plan.