CTE Program Areas

  • Agricultural Science and Technology Education (Grades 6-12)
  • Business Education (Grades 6-12)
  • Marketing Education (Grades 8-12)
  • Health Science Technology Education (Grades 8-12)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Composite (Grades 8-12)
    Please note that the American Association of Family & Consumer Science requires you to download an application to take the exam at  Then click on Credentialing Service.  Click on dropdown - FCS Professionals.  Click on Achieving Certification.  Halfway down the page, you will find "National Family & Consumer Services Exam"  Click on the red area for the application.
  • Human Development and Family Studies (Grades 8-12)
  • Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Sciences (Grades 8-12)
  • Technology Education (Grades 6-12)
  • Trade & Industrial Education (Grades 8-12)

Entrance and program requirements vary depending on the certification area. ACT recommends that you schedule an appointment for a personal evaluation. Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  1. Official transcripts for all university coursework 
  2. Your valid, current industry certificate or licensure
  3. Your resume
  4. A completed SOQ form
  5. A completed ACT application

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