teacher in texas

When is the best time to get started?  Right now! 
All you need to start:

    Bachelor's Degree with a 2.5 GPA
If you are in your final semester before graduating, call us to get started now!
No matter when you received your degree and what your major or area of specialization was, you can qualify for enrollment.

Eligibility to Enroll
1.  Pass the TExES Content Test
for your desired grade level and subject area.  Register now to take the TExES Content Test by PACT (Pre-Admission Content Test)  Cost = $119

2.  Schedule an appointment to meet with us!  Your appointment will include review of:

  • ACT Dallas/Austin Application
    Download the application form by clicking the link below.
  • TExES Content Test score
  • University transcript with Degree conferred

And administration of Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Skills Test  No preparation or studying needed.  

Here is your check list!
1.  Passing score on the TExES Content Test by PACT for your certification area
2.  Appointment at the ACT office:
      + Bring completed application (download here
      + Bring official university transcript with degree/date, all coursework, & GPA
      + Meet minimum score on Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Skills test
    Eligibility for Enrollment

You are on your way to becoming a certified teacher!

How to Become A Teacher in Texas

Five Easy Steps that begin with a phone call!

Step 1: Appointment to determine your eligibility

Step 2: TExES Content Exam for your certification area

Step 3: Preparation Program Institute & Field-based Experience

Step 4: Choose your route to teach! Internship OR Clinical Teaching Practicum


Begin your teaching career NOW!