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When is the best time to get started?  Right now!  You can start by calling us.

Dallas/Ft. Worth - 214-267-2222
Austin - 214-267-2222

You will speak personally with a team member who will . . .

  • answer your questions,
  • provide information about the ACT Dallas/Austin program, and
  • offer instructions for completing an application, obtaining your university transcript(s), and. most importantly, registering for the TExES Content Test of your choice.  You will take this test by PACT (pre-admission certification test). 
  • schedule an appointment.  Bring the following to the appointment:
    1.  Completed application.
         Download Application (Word)
         Download Application (PDF)

                  2.  University transcript(s) showing Bachelor's Degree and ALL coursework with
                       grades and credits earned, including courses transferred from another college or

                  3.  TExES Content Test passing score for your desired certification area.

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How to Become A Teacher in Texas

Five Easy Steps that begin with a phone call!

Step 1: Appointment to determine your eligibility

Step 2: TExES Content Exam for your certification area

Step 3: Preparation Program Institute & Field-based Experience

Step 4: Choose your route to teach! Internship OR Clinical Teaching Practicum


Begin your teaching career NOW!